Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunshine- Please stop hiding!

It's such a sad day to wake up and the gloomy day is already appearing through the slats of my blinds. Maybe I awoke too early, but no here I sit typing away drinking my tea and looking out my sliding glass doors and yes still the gloomy day is all my eyes can see.

All will be mute, when I have to walk out the door at 7:30 a.m. and head off to work to a, yes, dare I stay it, yes I shall,  gloomy, no windows, no sunshine, only a cubicle wall of gray fabric to await and arouse my sunshine restricted soul.

How I long for the lottery winnings that my someday may have in store for me. I always say that I know money doesn't buy happiness but it sure would help with a more stress-free life instead. Can you imagine, waking up in the morning and actually getting to do your dream or desire for that day? Like perhaps, may I dream, writing?  It is hard to devote time to a hobby or a new career without funds backing your decision.

Bless all of you out there who are making your dreams come true. Keep up the good work and enjoy every moment. Live to your fullest and don't let anyone stand in your way. You have but one life so I say just do it! Whatever makes you happy. Yeah, I will get there eventually so keep an eye out as I may be living my dream one of these days very soon too!

Sunshine- please stop hiding and find me already, won't you?

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