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$50 giveaway-Confessions of a Middle-Aged Housewife by Ginger Rocks

Confessions of a Middle-Aged Housewife Vol 1
(Monthly Confessions)  by Ginger Rocks
$50 Amazon gift card giveaway!

My name is Aurora Dunbar. I’m just a middle-aged housewife with 2 kids, a lawyer for a husband and a three story home located in a small town near you. Although names, including myself, have been changed as not to incriminate or discriminate the innocent or the guilty. My Monthly Chronicles pulled from my personally documented journal are not for the faint of heart, anyone with a weak stomach, ill health or high and mighty morals.

I ask that you do not try to contact me nor blame me if my erotica adventures in same way alter your lifestyle in anyway. By reading these confessions you clear me of any discrimination, responsibility or misleading representation that your life should be in any way as glamorous and erotic as mine.

I’m here to set my story straight. There is no need to be envious or jealous. I’m normal. I’m average. I’m married. I love social media sites, wine and crafty pinning sites as much as the next. I’m certainly not perfect. I’m just... a middle-aged housewife.

See Warning Label here: Must be 18+ to enter:

No outfit is complete without my ruby red lips outlined every so lightly with my brown lip pencil.  I have perfected this technique some twenty years ago when I first started wearing lipstick.

I’d say my body is above average.  I mean I’ve had two kids but I’ve tried to maintain good health along with a weekly exercise regimen that I usually adhere too.  Have I given up things?  Yes...unfortunately, bread being one of them.  It’s because of the gluten.  

Do you realize how bad it is for your body? Well I didn’t until my health nut of a husband brought home a book from a colleague. It had some very interesting facts.  I soon realized by giving up gluten, my body discovered its youth appearance once again.

With being five foot nine, 155 pounds, I sound like I’m overweight but with my softball frame from high school, along with my gymnastics flexibility I acquired as a youth, I definitely maintained a great shape if I do say so myself.  It doesn’t come easy.  Again, having to give up gluten, adding weekly exercises, I’ve added yoga and meditation into my busy schedule.  I’ve found having a good mindset has done wonders for me as well.

Have I digressed once again?  I want you to realize I’m by no means perfect nor am I the cheerleader you might have expected me to be.  Shyness use to run through my veins until my husband came into my life.  He brought out the tigress in me and I’m all the better for it. So let’s get back to my task at hand.
I can’t seem to contain myself with the thought of my possible seduction and conquer of my unaware husband today. You think being married for so long, I would lose interest.  To be honest, at one point in my marriage I did, perhaps on several occasions since I’m being honest and I’m using an assumed name.

This is why I have to use my imagination and being a woman of my age, I have one incredible and horny imagination. Please remember to take this as a warning.

My husband never saw it coming. Strutting down the stairs like I was born on a runway, with my curves over extended as I emphasized every step. Taking the duster in one hand and the lemon scented polishing spray in the other; I clearly had no intention of finishing each and every blind that this room had waiting for me.

I could see that at least I was worthy of a raised eyebrow.  That’s ok with me - for right now.  I know what I have planned and starting something now is not about to get me the ecstasy I intend on discovering with him when I’m good and ready. 

She’s just a twenty-something girl living her dream in a middle-aged body. With a background in Camouflage while masquerading as a Customer Service rep for far too many years, she’s living the day to day hustle with hiding and suppressing her secret identity as a writer.

By continually ignoring self-doubt and letting her inner Goddess be heard, she has decided to quit living the life that was expected of her and begin living the life she always dreamt of.

With her first Erotica monthly series hitting Amazon, this Goddess never wants to let anything stand in her way again. Watch her monthly Chronicles unfold with her Erotica Debut - “Confessions of a Middle-aged Housewife.”

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Monday, July 16, 2018

New Author Shoutout! Adult series of Confessions coming soon!

So I’m super excited to give a shoutout to Ginger Rocks!
A new Erotica Author!

Not only does she have some amazing hotness coming out with her soon to be released book but there is no stopping her.

I want to keep it PG-13 here on this blog because I do a lot of family friendly posts and hops. However, if you want to see first hand some of her mouth-watering, heart-pumping, addiction-causing, steam-drenching Hotness... you can follow her blog to catch her at her best!

You've got to read her Warning label by clicking on the pic below! 

Wow! I'm in!

FYI- You must be 18 to enter her site due to explicit content...

With a new Monthly release expected to start next month and along more series in the works, I think it’s best to be a part of  her journey from the start!

With her preorder of  Confessions of a Middle-Aged Housewife coming within days, you don't want to miss your opportunity to start this journey from the very beginning.

Start to follow her here:

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