About Me

I'm a huge sci-fi fan with favorite past times being reading, writing, crocheting, designing, baking and sewing. I began publishing my writing in 2012 and took some time off due to time restraints.  After losing my full time job of 17 years due to downsizing, I discovered Direct Sales that I could work and run on Social Media platforms.  This allowed my time to be more flexible as well as allowing extra time to devote to my husband who has been recovering from several surgeries in less than a year but also time to continue my passion of writing.

Besides being in Direct Sales, I currently have an Etsy shop - Kimber Shook's Designs where many of my crochet designs and creations are available to purchase.

If you love to crochet, please look for my books Christmas Ornaments to Crochet and Embellish Vol 1 and Wine Cozies to Crochet and Embellish Vol 1 available in paperback and digital formats. 

My currect projects in the works are Inevitable (Destiny Unhinged #2) and a Screenplay.