Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

To some it may be just another day of the calendar, another date marked with special meaning to some and for others a sad solemn day from Hell, reminding you what you do not have and want so desperately.

I'm one of the fortunate souls who is blessed to spend it with that special someone who makes my world complete, who worships the ground I walk on and kisses me in any given moment when I ask. He loves me unconditionally and I, him. He hangs on my every word and lets me snuggle without complaining.

He makes me laugh, smile, and comforts me when I'm feeling blue.  He has the magical ability, if one should actually possess in this reality, to make my heavy heart feel lighter, make any illness more tolerable and makes every day sunnier whether or not the weather agrees.

 I'm definitely one of the fortunate souls on this Valentine's Day.

Thank you, Titan. You are Mommy's best Valentine ever!