Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Way Ticket

So I have decided to buy a train ticket today. Yup, actually a one way ticket. I'm gonna get on board the weight loss train to Skinnyville.

I can't help getting older but I sure can help looking & feeling so Blah!

For goodness sakes, I have Gramma waving arms - yes - technically I am a Gramma but no way should I have her arms at my age. No way, I say, No way.

My new philosophy:

Dimples may be adorable but not necessarily on my ass!

A pooch is only bragable when referring to my Great Dane!

Muffin tops are only druel worthy when it happens to be Banana Nut or Blueberry!

Wings are best when smothered in hot sauce and not describing backflaps on my back!

So I'm actually only 20 lbs heavier than I was 10 years ago - 25 lbs heavier than when I graduated from high school - which may not sound all that bad but the whole package I'm carrying today certainly doesn't look like the same package I carried when I was younger.

Back then, my skin was tighter and could hold the excess flubber, now with old age setting in, the skin gets stretched, the skin begins to sag and the skin becomes so wrinkled that it just doesn't hide the excess baggage anymore.

It's time to take exercise and eating healthy seriously. I have gone up and down so often over the years because I just don't have the willpower to continue but I've decided to take on the future Kimber Shook. Hot & Sexy and at least 25 lbs lighter than I am today. My goal, my challenge, my reward!

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