Monday, February 27, 2012

Redheads of the World, Unite!

As my hubby and I were working around the house on Saturday, (re-staining the doorways, painting the doors) he was listening to one of his infamous talk radio shows. That day happened to be Rush Limbaugh. Yes, I know what you may be thinking, but hey it was that or listen to myself hum, which technically, I wouldn't have been able to hear over the loudness of the talk radio show anyway.

Rush was explaining about Genetics and how someday a person would be able to know what kind of child they were having and decide on whether to abort. He continued speaking and stating for example "Nobody wants to be fat, freckle-faced and redheaded."

What the heck!  So during my break, I decided to post on Facebook to see what my friends might say and just to make sure I had my verbiage correct and ensure I wasn't just hearing what he was saying differently, I decided to Google it. Sure enough that is what he said, let alone to my disgust, he has been dissing ugly, fat redheads since 2009.

I say this guy as some serious issues -  seriously. I'm proud to be a redhead, so yes, I'm a little chunky but that's my own fault, yes, I do have freckles but so what?

Redheads of the World, unite! Let's show Rush that we are lucky to be fat, freckle-faced and redheaded. It is a blessing. I'm mean if redheads were so unappealing, then why are there so many fake redheads out there just wishing (and paying money) to be just like us!

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