Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time Management

My hubby and I are working hard at getting our house on the market, so I tend to spend most of my weekends working on our house. You would think with only being 6 years old, we really shouldn't have much to do, right? Well - wrong.

Having a house built from scratch, there were things we tended to put off, and put off, and. . . put off. Hey, it was our house and we figured we would get to it eventually. I mean, other everyday life priorities would just seem to reign out over painting, staining or sanding.

With my daughter giving me a kindle for Christmas and all the work I need to do around the house and all the time I love to devote to my new favorite gift, isn't leaving me much spare time. I'm working on my own novel, which I have been for some time. When I tend to get involved with it to where I can't stop writing, something happens and I get sidetracked again, being some what of a procrastinator doesn't help me either.

I would love to have 36 hours in a day, that would give me plenty of time to read my kindle, work around the house, write my novel, spend time with my doggy and hubby, talk to my daughter (she is so busy herself, the poor thing), exercise, sleep and if I have to say it, work at my job during the week.

Since 36 hours isn't actually ideal, I'm just going to have to devote my much needed energy into time management and just stick to you. I'm starting with a timeline. My hubby and I are hoping our house can be on the market by the end of April. (I was thinking March but I feel like being lazy this Saturday so April sounds so much better.)

I'm also aiming for the end of April to be down 10 lbs , have my novel finished as well as read the 18 novels I now have archived on my Kindle. Busy, busy, busy. . .

So when I happen to win the lottery between now and the end of April, thanks to time management, I will figure out a way to squeeze it in somewhere. I'm confident that I will manage quite nicely.

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