Saturday, October 25, 2014

October's .99 Boxed Set Bundle Deals

I just love finding these great boxed set deals and sharing with you.  Check out my latest .99 finds below:

After Twilight - 6 books

Julia Crane--Freak of Nature, Sophie Davis--Talented, Lizzy Ford--Cursed, Ella James--Here, Tara West--Sophie's Secret Crush, and Morgan Wylie--Silent Orchids. 

When Darkness Falls

Shalini Boland - Hidden, Sarah Dalton - Mary Hades, Rebecca Hamilton - The Forever Girl, Laura Howard - The Forgotten Ones, Patti Roberts - Paradox - The Angels are Here, 

Beautifully Unnatural

Amy Miles - Forbidden, Susan Halter - Shaken, Veronica Blade - My Wolf's Bane, Ciara Knight - Rise From Darkness

Contamination (Books 0-3)

by T.W. Piperbrook

Slow Burn Books 1-3

by Bobby Adair

Gypsy Fairy Tale Series Box Set (Once, Far Away, and Ever After)

by Dana Michelle Burnett

Enchanted by an Emerald Box Set

Catherine Kean - A Knight to Remember, Caro Carson - Her Pirate From The Past, T. Elliott Brown -  When We Get to Paris, Wynter Daniels - Emerald Intrigue, Nancy Robards Thompson - What to Keep, Mimi Wells - Fortune's Fool, Katherine Garbera - Charmed By The Thief


Six Times A Charm Box Set

Deanna Chase - Haunted on Bourbon Street, Angie Fox - The Accidental Demon Slayer, Julie Kenner - Carpe Demon, Mindy Klasky - Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, Rose Pressey - How to Date a Werewolf, Liz Schulte - Easy Bake Coven

Love on the Edge: Nine Shades of Romantic Suspense

Lori Ryan - Ever Hopeful, Diana Layne - The Good Daughter, Pauline Baird Jones - The Last Enemy, Dale Mayer - Hide'n Go Seek, Wendy Ely - Dangerous Flames, Marie-Nicole Ryan - Love Me If You Can, Margaret Taylor - All in the Name of Love, Amy Garnet - Meant for Her, Kathryn Jane - Daring to Love

Tall, Dark and Paranormal

Lori Handeland - Crescent Moon, Opal Carew - Spellbound, Laura Kaye - Forever Freed, Caridad Pineiro - Sins of the Flesh, Stephanie Julian - Spell Bound, Randi Alexander - Haunting a Cowboy, Terry Spear - Huntress for Hire, Paige Tyler - Dead Sexy, Sara Humphreys - Asmodeus: Demon of Lust, Judi Fennell - Beauty and the Beast

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