Saturday, May 10, 2014

Christmas in May?

Christmas in May? Really?

Let me start with, my life has been crazy lately.  Not enough hours in a day or week for that matter to get things done.  I have so many words floating around in my head waiting to get typed on the computer to finish several novels.  I have designs being drawn out just waiting to be created.  Full time employment takes the majority of this so much wanted and needed time but I also have been busy with helping my daughter plan her wedding in June. Plus my entire family have been busy helping my brother who is trying to function with his Ewing Sarcoma Cancer.

Is it really achievable to be happy and depressed all at the same time?  The guilt I feel instantly over that split second of happiness of making silk flowers with my daughter for her wedding bouquet overwhelms me.  My brother is having such a difficult time with his Cancer.  Our family takes turns "hanging" with him daily since he quality of life is basically lost to an overabundance of pain and pain meds.

The poor man is struggling to stay optimistic but every turn presents him with a new obstacle that he has to face.  The long list of downfalls that keep reoccurring is making optimistic an obsolete term in my vocabulary. How can the universe have it out for this one particular soul?  He has such wonderful family and friends and he has always been the "go to" guy if anyone was ever in need.  So its not like Karma needs to pick on him for anything.

I just want my brother back.  It is so difficult to see him frail and broken like this. If anyone is eligible to ask for miracles on my brother's behalf, you would please do so.  I know you are just taking my word for it but he is really a great guy and is worthy of such a miracle.

Please don't feel sad for me.  I'm a survivor by taking baby steps along the way. So again you may ask is it Christmas in May? No, but I am offering a great sale for the month of May on my book Christmas Ornaments to Crochet & Embellish Vol 1 for less than $5 ebook version.  That is more than half off the original price plus a free gift just for stopping by. (See link below offer at bottom of post.)

Christmas has always been special to me and my family and I was hoping to help raise funds for my family, in return give those who love Christmas and crocheting something special for the month of May.


Barnes & Noble:

As an extra special thank you, I want to offer you a pattern for free.  (Limited time)

Snowman Hat & Scarf Wine Bottle Cozy Crochet Pattern

I hope the rest of your May is beautiful in every way and that you have time to enjoy each and every moment.  Moments last for a second in the present but a lifetime in your memories.  Always remember to cherish them.

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