Saturday, March 8, 2014

Unreap My Heart by Kate Evangelista - Review

Unreap My Heart

by Kate Evangelista

This 2nd book in the Reaper series was by no means a disappointment.  I just love Kate Evangelista.  She has a knack for words and story line ideas that make you wonder what your dreams may actually be like.  (I still rank Taste to be one of my all time favorites that should be a TV series!)

Let me start off the covers on Kate Evagelista are truly worthy to the story itself.  I love it when the cover draws you in and the author backs in up with an amazing story, well written and truly intriguing that doesn't leave you flipping through the pages to get to a better part.  Kate does, however, leave you reading non-stop so you can find out what is going to happen next.  Before long the book is over and you wander how long you have to wait for the next installment...

The Underverse and the character of Balthazar are ones that I definitely want more of.  Balthazar, bad boy through and through makes you want the villain to win the heart of Arianne by the end of the book. Balthazar is paired up with Arianne to find the Redeemer to pull the dagger out of “D”.  Not a pleasure trip in Balthazar’s mind to travel the Underverse with Arianne who is doing it for Niko’s humanity , plus be allowed to keep her eyesight and memories in the process and be allowed to return to the human world.  Balthazar wants to rule the Underverse so basically he sucks it up so he can get what he wants too. He strikes a deal with “D’ that once “D” has his strength back that the two of them will fight for the position of ruler of the Underverse.  Balthazar also requires that as Arianne’s protector and escort throughout this adventure, he wants a year of her life. 

I hate reading spoilers so I don’t like writing them in reviews.  But my opinion is that this is truly a great read. Thank you Kate for another amazing book!!! 

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