Saturday, June 30, 2012

Definition of H.O.T.

So what is your idea of hot?

It could be the weather. Right now in PA, it is about 86 degrees, yes it has been hotter but wow, the humidity is up there pretty good.  I'm in and out so I feel the difference when I go from my luxury geo thermal cooling system to the outdoor heat.

This is me today.  Just sitting on my deck in the shade.  This is in between cleaning indoors and taking a break and reading outdoors - 50 Shades of Grey. So technically, I'm Shading it today.

Nice way to spend the day. My inner Goddess was calling my name and I had to take a break.

So 86 degrees isn't so bad, so what would you consider hot?

If you are talking about H.O.T. as in Damon Salvatore, a Vampire Hottie in The Vampire Diaries, then you definitely have my vote there.  What could possible be better and hotter than Ian Somerhalder you may ask? How about if Ian Somerhalder was to play Christian Grey in a 50 Shades of Grey movie?  Can we all say OMG together? Check out the article below his dreamy pic. If only it were true... Awe.... *drool*.

Of course my hubby will still always be part of my definition of H.O.T. too, isn't that right, baby?

I hope  you all enjoy your idea of H.O.T. today.  Now back to my Shading it up and envisioning my Christian a.k.a Ian. 

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