Saturday, June 23, 2012

Where does the time go?

Wow, it's amazing how time flies when you are older.  I remember back in my grade school days and the summers would last forever.  I could go non-stop morning to night and have time to fit all the chores, friends, games and play in.

It is already June 23rd, and half of 2012 is over. Summer may have officially started Wednesday but I always considered June, July and August as summer. Now amazingly enough June is almost over.

I wish I could chalk it all up into having fun - you know the saying - time flies when you are having fun. I actually think it's because I'm getting older. I move slower and there is just too darn much stuff to do in the life of an adult. 

Basically it takes me longer to get stuff done and the motivation I need hits me like a slow-release capsule, only a little at a time. Or maybe it's the darn computer that sucks me into the World
Wide Web and before I know it 2 hours have already depleted from my day.

Maybe the reason is my kindle that calls for me to finish my current read from a wonderful author or even my house with its never ending duty of housework chores that beckons me to get up from my lazy bum and start.

Whenever the reasoning, it still happens just the same.  Days seem to keep getting shorter, months blink us by and years dwindle effortlessly without realization.

I'll continue on trekking through the everyday grind of life, enjoying every fleeting moment, every minute spent with family and friends, work on making my dreams come true, and loving like there is no tomorrow.  Maybe with these little pieces of joy will help me get through my fleeting Life with its inevitable detours and bumps along the way.

*Let's make that 2 1/2 hours now on the computer*

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