Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Test Read Opportunity

So, yes, I have been addicted to reading, this is true. I've been reading a lot, mostly from indie authors, mainly because of the great prices I can buy their books for my Kindle. Some have ranged from $5.99 down to Free. Now you can't beat free. 

There are such wonderful authors too, like K.C. King author of the Tri-Realms Saga, Georgia Cates author of Going Under and The Vampire Agape Series, Emily Casey author of The Ivy Thorn Series, Devyn Dawson author of The Legacy of Kilkenney, Jessie Harrell author of Destined, Megan Duncan author of The Warm Delicacy Series and many more. My goal is to write reviews for all of these authors. I'm reading them so fast and have been so busy that I just haven't been able to do everything I intend to do when I intend to do it.

I have also become a fan of their blogs and Facebook fan pages.  I've been trying to keep up with feedback and comments for them because I feel it is very important to keep encouraging these authors to continue writing and make them aware how important their work is for us fans.

I wrote my first review a month or two ago for The Fairy Tale Trap (The Ivy Thorne Series) by Emily Casey. I fell in love with her book as I have with so many others. I believe it is so important and helpful to these indie authors to have reviews posted to help encourage other readers to take a chance as well.

I sucked up my apprehension and wrote this review on Amazon and Goodreads. Well -  recently she took notice and thanked me for the wonderful review. Not only on Amazon where I posted it but also on her fan page.  This means a lot to a fan to be addressed personally. I was so excited, but that's not the best part.

I recently received an email from her thanking me for being a fan and having such enthusiasm with her work. She asked me to test-read her next project Cinderella and Zombies.  Needless to say I was so psyched and honored she would even consider asking me.  I have accepted and recently returned to her the first ten pages. 

It may only be a small task I am doing but I feel it is huge opportunity for me. I welcome it with open arms and just add it into my timeline. Thank you Emily Casey!

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