Sunday, May 20, 2012

4 day weekend

Can I just say how wonderful it feels to lay in bed on a Sunday evening knowing I do not have to get up tomorrow and go to work? Weekends go by way too fast but a 4 day weekend is just about right.

It's not like I'm going to sleep in tomorrow anyway, it's just nice knowing I have another day to get stuff done around the house as well as have a little of Me time too.

Hubby and I went kayaking Friday. Now that was nice. Quiet and serene. Guess everyone was working. Saturday was stuff around the house day.  Sunday was time with my daughter, running to Sam's Club and Lowes.  Tomorrow - who knows what it will be?  I do know the weather will be rainy so I will either get the umbrella out or maybe convince the Hubby it is a movie kind-of-day.

I still have plenty more books to read and clear from my kindle not to mention many more writing projects I'm dying to get working on. This is certainly the life. Come Tuesday, of course, it will be a different story but hey - why rush a good thing, right?

Gotta love a 4 day weekend!


  1. I say we start a petition for more 4 day weekends!!! I love kayaking too - it's so rejuvenating for the soul, and you get to see things from a whole new (simpler) perspective.

    1. Yes, definitely. I think we could get alot on board the whole 4 day weekend thing. As for the kayaking, you are absolutely right again.