Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventure in Blog Hopping & Updates

I recently signed up for a few blog hops. I wasn't quite sure of the ropes when I signed up a few weeks back. This past week, I had participated in two. It was incredible.

One being Lazy Days of Summer, the other a Hero's Hop. I couldn't have wished for anything more exciting to be involved in.

The page views, the blog followers, and the twitter followers are just amazing. I even have a few that added my debut novel, Destiny Unhinged, to Goodreads. FANTASTIC! I think I have found another obsession. Not only do I like signing up and trying to win such awesome prizes from these Blog Hops but being a part of it as a participating blog is incredible.

In the blogs that I have hopped along to in the past, I have won an ebook and two paperback books with swag. It is so exciting to win something. Mind you, I still aim to win a Kindle Fire or a Nook Tablet, but I am quite pleased with my books.

Speaking of winning,  I do have a promotional blog tour coming up, starting August 27th. I will be giving away my own swag and a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Please stay tune for details. I am really excited.

Now for my debut updates:

I've contacted a few blogs to help promote by book, some have accepted, some are too busy and some I have received a response. I'm so pleased with all that can help.

I'm up to three reviews.  Two are on Smashwords - 5 stars- Whoohoo.  I have two on Goodreads - a 5 star & a 4 star - Whoohoo again. I have a 4 star on Amazon - Whoohoo.

I know it may not be much, but I'm still a Guppy in an ocean of Indie-Authors. I'm working on it. For the month of July, I have had 61 downloads (75 total since I published) from Smashwords and 1 from Amazon.  (I know I'm no Quinn Loftis, Megg Jensen or Megan Duncan - yet. lol)

It almost feels like a second job trying to get my name out there and promote myself, but I'm totally into it since it's a way for me to keep on doing what I love most - write.

I know I still have things to learn along the way in this wide universe of writing, but trust me, I'm taking notes and learning as I go.


I want to thank all of my new blog followers.  I have a few more blog hops I have joined so I hope you will visit again soon for some more cool prizes.

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